3 Types of Regenerative Medicine

As the term implies, regenerative medicine is a modality centered around your body’s natural healing abilities and resilience. You witness this regeneration when you cut your finger and it heals, and with proper care, you heal from that leg you broke while skiing. 

Dr. Mandeep Walia-Bhatia, Dr. Jeremy La Motte, and the Gain Wellness Center team have embraced regenerative medicine treatments because they complement the Center’s integrative, patient-centered approach. Regenerative treatments work in conjunction with the other innovative services we offer, including chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, and effective stress management techniques. 

How can regenerative medicine help me?

A major benefit of regenerative treatments is that they can address many issues, from back pain and joint discomfort to injured tissue. 

Regenerative treatments are uniquely healing because, unlike medication that targets symptoms in isolation, they send cues to the body to repair itself.

Regenerative medicine is a boon for patients, because treatments jumpstart your healing and reduce inflammation and pain naturally. Faster healing means more rapid relief from pain and inflammation, and treatment may allow you to avoid surgery if it happens to be an option. 

Three regenerative medicine treatment options

We’re pleased to offer three distinct regenerative treatments that tame pain and accelerate your body’s repair:

  1.  Platelet-rich plasma therapy

“Liquid gold” is how we often refer to healing platelet-rich plasma. To get it, we take a small blood sample from you and put it in a device called a centrifuge that spins it into a concentrated form. We then reinject this solution into your targeted treatment area, where the platelets release proteins that are growth factors, which prompts the repair of your tissue.  

  2.  Mesenchymal stem cell treatment

These stem cells are sourced from umbilical cords of full-term babies, born alive. After careful testing of the cells, you receive them via injection. Once inside your body, mesenchymal stem cells have the amazing ability to differentiate into numerous other kinds of cells, from muscle and cartilage to bone and connective tissue. Because of this, they can repair many areas of damage in your body. 

  3.  Prolotherapy

The theory behind prolotherapy is that healing will be stimulated by introducing an irritant into the area that you’ve injured. Your doctor injects a dextrose or saline solution (sugar and salt, respectively), which fuels inflammation, but also awakens your body’s repair response. 

Regenerative medicine treatments are successful at treating osteoarthritis joint pain, particularly in your back, shoulders, and knees, and traumatic injuries, like torn ligaments.

When we provide these treatments, we explain what’s going to happen, answer all your questions, and explain that another benefit of regenerative medicine is that side effects are few and minor. 

How we integrate regenerative medicine into your care

At Gain Wellness Center, our functional medicine framework means that, aside from learning about your medical history in detail, we look at everything from your gut health to how you’re dealing with stress, in an effort to find the root cause of your health challenges and how they’re interconnected.

Our caring team may use regenerative treatments alone or to complement other treatments when we create your highly personalized treatment plan. 

Call Gain Wellness Center today to arrange a free consultation to learn more about regenerative treatments, or book one online

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