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Complete Wellness Evaluation

Wellness Evaluation determines which lifestyle and wellness program is best suited for you. Our wellness evaluation with Dr. Walia is a truly unique experience. Through a comprehensive yet comfortable dialogue, she will uncover not only the manifestations of poor health, but the root cause.

In order to get the best results possible, we need to be sure to unpack all aspects of your health so we know what you are working with. You will learn more about your mental and physical wellbeing in terms of how and why your body is functioning the way it is, and then begin to craft a path towards wellness under the guidance of Dr. Walia. Wherever possible, she will offer natural, drug-free options to address your ailments.

Our Lifestyle and Wellness Programs are designed to correct the underlying cause(s) of your chronic symptoms or conditions. As each of our bodies are unique, each program is personalized to your needs. This is where functional medicine is different than the traditional medical model of only treating symptoms.

Conditions We Treat:

GUT ISSUES: Leaky Gut, SIBO, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Acid Reflux, Chronic Constipation/Diarrhea, Food Sensitivities

CARDIO METABOLIC: High Cholesterol, Fatty Liver, Blood Sugar Regulation, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance

HORMONE ISSUES: Adrenal Fatigue, Weight Management, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Menopause, Peri Menopause, PCOS, Ovarian Cysts

BRAIN/MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES: Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, ADD/ADHD, Sleep Disorders, Memory Loss

Each of our programs are designed to improve:

  • Energy and Vitality
  • Digestion
  • Sleeping
  • Body Composition
  • Fitness and Strength
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Feelings of Well-Being
  • Blood and Saliva Chemistries i.e. cholesterol, blood sugar, liver enzymes, hormone imbalance

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based approach to help identify the underlying root cause of a symptom rather than just relieving the symptom. It is a patient centered care that incorporates the best diagnostic tests and tools from conventional medicine to find imbalances that are at the root of all illness. It addresses the whole person and engages both patient and the practitioner in a therapeutic health partnership.

Functional Medicine looks at every inpidual and considers your unique life experiences and factors including inpidual’s genes, environment and lifestyle. It addresses root cause rather than symptom suppression, which helps practitioners address the underlying cause of the disease and promote optimal wellness. As a result, a personalized treatment plan is created for each inpidual based on their health history and health concerns that leads to improved patient outcomes.

With Functional Medicine All 5 major components of your health will be addressed in the wellness evaluation including:

  • Cellular Detoxification: We help reduce burden on the gut and liver so that the function of the liver can be restored. We support detoxification pathways in the body by utilizing necessary minerals, vitamins and micronutrients.
  • Functional Nutrition: Functional nutrition is science-based and not one size fits all discipline. We all require a tailored approach to nutrition as we are all so different in our genetic make-up, health history, emotional history and lifestyle.
  • Fitness: Physical activity is important for long lasting benefits of health. It is an essential part of our approach to wellness.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Hormones play a key role in regulating and control most of our body’s major systems. Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands and have a tremendous affect on bodily processes. Hormones imbalances can wreak havoc on the body’s functions.
  • Stress Management: Stress is so common in our modern society and is a root cause of many chronic conditions. We teach and train our patients to adapt to stress better so that they can not only survive but thrive.

In any of our Lifestyle and Wellness Program(s) we will effectively walk you through the program by holding your hand each step of the way, educate you, mentor you, inspire you and motivate you to achieve your health goals so that you too may fulfill your life’s purpose and enjoy the quality of life you were meant to!

Chiropractic Evaluation

Your spinal care program will begin with a thorough examination of your spine, nervous system and muscle function. Due to the stressful pace of life many of us live, the excessive sitting, running around with the kids, working on the computers for extended times, intense/incorrect exercise, our bodies often suffer. Many of the activities of everyday life cause mis-alignment, strains and pain in the various parts of the body.

We are focused on helping treat symptoms ranging from back, neck and shoulder pain, migraines and tension headaches. For many of us, popping a few pain pills is a quick fix to get through the day, this however is not a safe, viable long-term solution to what ails us.

Here at Gain Wellness Center, our focus is to help you resolve these issues, in a safe and sustainable manner, while minimizing your downtime. This functional examination will provide details about how your nervous system is working and what changes need to be made to optimize your health.

Educational Dinner Seminars

In this immersive experience, you will enjoy a gourmet meal while learning about how lifestyle choices impact your overall health. In turn you will discover key insights about your sleep cycles, cravings, food choices, stress, hormone fluctuations, and more. This is a fun and meaningful way to start a path towards your ideal weight and state of wellness.

Seating is limited, so calling our office to reserve a seat is required. 

We’d love to have you attend our upcoming Dinner Seminar. Join our Guest List Today and be the first to know when we’re hosting our next Dinner Seminar.


Your journey to optimal health starts with a single phone call to 858-524-3821. One of our friendly team members will work with your schedule to find the most convenient seminar for you to attend.

Our seminars are free and open to the public. Our goal is to educate, empower and motivate every inpidual who attends the seminar with real health solutions that will help them on their optimal health journey.

Once you’re educated, empowered and ready to move forward with changes to your lifestyle, we will create a plan customized to you.

Through our plan you will reclaim your health, energy, vibrancy and start a whole new chapter of success and vitality.


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