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“Before joining Dr. Walia’s program I wasn’t active at all, and now I am very active! I am now able to live a very active lifestyle! My wife is now very happy with my energy level and how interactive I am with her. This is very healthy for our marriage. I would recommend Dr. Walia to all my friends and family.”

- Cynthia W. (Practice Member)

I Am Active And Happy


“Ever since 3 months ago when I started Dr. Walia’s program, not only that I am losing weight, I am sleeping better, I have more energy and I am able to think more clearly. I feel more confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic, I just feel good. Really, really good. Thank you Dr. Walia."

- Tanya B. (Practice Member)

I Sleep Well And Have More Energy




Testimonials By no means do we claim to treat specific diseases, nor offer any cure. No doctor or medication can actually cure the body. Healing is the responsibility of your own body’s intelligence. The above testimonials have been related to us by past and present practice members.

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