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5 Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

5 Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

If there’s one thing that sets us apart as a practice, it’s our customized approach to treating patients. At Gain Wellness Center, you’re never a number, and you’re always an individual.

Dr. Mandeep Walia-Bhatia offers a wide range of services to restore your wellbeing and support your health, from helping you manage stress effectively so it doesn’t harm your health, to balancing your hormones, which regulate so much in your body. 

A transformative treatment that can help you with many problems that sap you of energy is IV nutrient therapy, which is an instantaneous way to deliver essential minerals, vitamins, and a host of important nutrients directly to your bloodstream through intravenous treatment. 

There is a lot of good in IV nutrient therapy

We have been excited about IV nutrient therapy for quite some time. In fact, Dr. Walia adopted it because of its many benefits for patients. Here are the top five:

If you struggle with recurrent headaches or the painful curse of migraines, you know that few types of discomfort rival this type of pain, which can stop you in your tracks and interfere significantly with your life. 

IV nutrient therapy actually provides nutrients that knock out pain and address inflammation associated with head pain. 

We give you supplemental vitamin B and C, which are responsible for boosting energy and improving your outlook. When we deliver them to you intravenously via IV nutrient therapy, you notice added vitality and better regulated moods quite quickly — and it lasts. 

A shot of vitamins and minerals that specifically help support the health and resilience of your skin cells can renew your glow and have you feeling confident about the skin you’re in again.

This treatment allows your body to recover better after challenging training sessions and enhance your overall athletic performance. Needed nutrients help your muscles function more efficiently, extend your stamina, and hasten your post-workout recovery. 

A robust immune system shields you from sickness, fatigue, and more. IV nutrient therapy with hefty doses of vitamin B12 and vitamin C, among others, strengthens your immunity, so you can live your best life and avoid sickness. 

The powerful punch that IV nutrient therapy packs is helping people with diverse symptoms related to everything from stress to sports injuries. 

IV nutrient therapy complements Gain Wellness Center’s functional medicine approach and natural approach. It may be prescribed after your complete wellness evaluation — a comprehensive review of all the factors at play that impact not just your health, but your vitality. 

After your IV nutrient therapy session, you’re free to go back to your normal life with no post-treatment downtime. Some patients have allergic reactions to treatment and other unpleasant side effects, but Dr. Walia carefully considers how you will respond to treatment before advising it. As for other side effects, like swelling at your injection site, muscle cramps, or tummy trouble, Dr. Walia offers guidance on how to treat them or prevent them altogether. 

Call us at 858-206-9715 to arrange your complimentary initial consultation and learn more about IV nutrient therapy. You can also use our convenient online booking tool

Dr. Mandeep Walia-Bhatia, DC, AFMCP Dr. Mandeep Walia-Bhatia, DC, AFMCP, is the founder of Gain Wellness Center in San Diego, California. At the wellness center, one of Dr. Walia's, greatest goals, as a health care provider, is to provide her practice members with alternative, but healthy and safe choices that will enhance their health and well-being. She likes to motivate and educate her practice members to take charge of their health by providing them with evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their own personal health and take control of their health. Dr. Walia was born in India and raised in Canada before moving to San Diego. She attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada for her Master of Science degree with specialties in Biology and Physiology. She had various publications in research articles during her time at McMaster University funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. She has three kids and enjoys cooking, hiking and going to the beach with her family.

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